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About Smart Teens Home

Smart Teens Home is a community online& offline where Teens learn career& life skills together,grow with great teens and mentors thereby leading in their worlds of influence.

It first started as a corporate social responsibility of PELEGUIN Solutions then called PELEGUIN Capacity Development Institute on the 7th of Dec, 2013.

It was born from an hunger for an education system that is fulfilling and aligned with the unique person’s area of interest.

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Career Skill Courses

Career skills Courses are practical and most times physical skills courses learnt from trainers to boost your practical knowledge about your defined career.

Life Skill Course

Life skills courses are practical and soft skills mostly left online to help build on your strengths, complement your career skills and improve on your weaknesses when handling life issues on a daily basis.


Our trainings get you in contact with the best trainers in the fields resulting from your assessment. You also get your trainings at subsidized rates.

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Smart teens home skills are not generic and static but dynamic and have variety. They comprise of career and life skills. Courses available are dependent on the results of the career or personality assessment, registered trainers, centers’ chosen and preferred mode of training.

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